Update Regarding “Ercolina Acquires Pedrazzoli” 

As anticipated in our previous “Press Release: Ercolina Acquires Pedrazzoli“, the company CML International SpA, owner of the “Ercolina” brand, has announced that our company has won the bid for the “Pedrazzoli IBP” brand.
What does it mean? When will the Bassano Del Grappa plant reopen? When will the first Pedrazzoli machines be available?
Let’s start from the beginning: it is of our upmost interest to start the production of Pedrazzoli machines as soon as possible, giving our customers relative delivery times of open orders, assistance for current sales, and lead times for open and new orders.
We are making every effort possible to reduce unavoidable delays due to the legal time of acquisition, inventory consolidation of all warehouses, and recruitment and training of old and new staff. We are confident that we will soon overcome these obstacles and we will be able to supply our customers with information regarding their outstanding orders, backorders and desperately needed spare parts.
Customer satisfaction is of upmost importance to CML International SpA and as soon as it will be possible to restart production, we will inform delivery times to all customers who are urgently require their parts and or equipment from Pedrazzoli, unfortunately, for far too long. Soon Pedrazzoli customers will be able to enjoy the specialized assistance, and fast turnaround times that the Ercolina brand has been providing their customers with for generations; a salient part of our company.

We thank you in advance for your eventual patience during this critical time of passage, of upmost importance to all of us.

We are certain that both Ercolina and Pedrazzoli companies will benefit from this extraordinary acquisition with our combined presence of two operational offices in Italy and our existing commercial network throughout the national and international territory with more than 70 countries around the world becoming the undisputed leader in the sector of “Tube and Profile Bending Machines Made in Italy“.
We hope to give you more precise information by the 15th of June 2018, we kindly ask you a few more days of patience.
The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.
{Oswald Spengler}
The Ercolina Team