PRESS RELEASE: Ercolina Acquires Pedrazzoli

CML INTERNATIONAL SPA, owner of the “Ercolina” brand, world leader of the “tube bending machines ” announces that it has successfully bidded the company brand “Pedrazzoli IBP” .

This action will give rise to the union of the two most historical companies in the bending and profiling sector with the widest range of products for use in the naval, petroleum, automotive, aereospace, construction, structures sectors and design, ect.

The Ercolina brand born in 1973 acquires the Pedrazzoli brand born in 1948.

The goal of CML International Spa is to begin an innovative project of industrialization and commercialization to relaunch the world renowned Pedrazzoli IBP brand bringing back the prestigious brand as a world leading machine tool manufacturer.

The Predrazzoli plant covers an aerea of over 17,000 square meters, founded in Bassano del Grappa in the 1950’s. It is a national reference point and has produced the first machines for bending, cutting and end-forming tubes and profiles, that has exported its famous products all over the world. 

The commercial organization of CML International Spa- Ercolina, includes a total of over 300 dealers in Italy and over 500 worldwide, with a total of four branches opened in Italy, USA, Germany and Korea. This ensures an industrial plan for the production, research and development, as well as pre and post sales, technical assistance all over the world.

The two offices in Italy, Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) and Piedimonte San Germano (Frosinone) will strengthen a widespread sales coverage on the national and international territory of bending and profile machines made in Italy. This network will permit Ercolina and Pedrazzoli to cover over 70 countries in the world.

The CEO of CML International Spa Alessandro Primo Caporusso says:

“With this acquisition we will be world leader in the sector; we have become a multinational company keeping in mind three important factors, our unique history, our uncompromising passion for our products, and our innovative vision of the future. Companies like Ercolina and Pedrazzoli have a long history, started by manufacturing in the garages of our father’s home and still today with sacrifice their stories continue. Our history is the future, we invest in human resources, in new technologies, in new machines and continue to grow the made in Italy brand and tradition.”

The president Alessandro Caporusso says: “ We will soon recruit qualified local staff in many sectors, such as production, research and development and commercial personell.”

Ercolina Team